Front Line Leadership

Solve your Front Line Leadership challenges

Operational Excellence Through Effective Front Line Leadership


You will succeed in developing consistent, capable and confident Supervisors, Managers and Team Leaders who drive safety, productivity, quality and team member engagement through this Front Line Leadership System.

This comprehensive approach will ensure a lasting change in the leadership approach and culture of your business to support high performance.


Set The Expectation

Phase 1
The first phase in the development process is focused on creating a plan that will be customized to your business. In this phase you will accomplish the following goals.

Build The Skills

Phase 2
In Phase 2 the focus is squarely on developing the skills of your staff. They will be guided through the training by an experienced facilitator at your location, and provided a practical training kit to aid in and reinforce their learning.


See The Training

Click for a preview of the information your supervisors, managers and team leaders will receive


Measure The Impact

Phase 3
Phase 3 focuses on ensuring accountability. Participants have to complete application journals and have coaching meetings to explain and discuss how they are using the training every day.

Sustain The Change

Phase 4
Great training stands the test of time. The final phase in the Front Line Leadership process focuses on ensuring that your staff continue to utilize their training and has options available to refresh their skills at any time.

Who is Front Line Leadership Systems?

The team specializes in training your front line supervisors, team leaders,
lead hands and managers in a variety of industries.
Team members are recognized experts in leadership, with 2 books published, 2 cable television specials, a DVD, and published in Globe & Mail, as well as, various industry magazines. You will appreciate the practical approach to leadership development with an instructor who relates well and tailors the content to fit your specific situation, terminology and participants


The pricing for the program is on a per-person basis and includes the following:
  • Access to the online system for tracking and reporting.
  • Graduation certificate for participants who complete the program requirements.
  • Post-training survey online to assess impact.
  • A one-year subscription for the organization to access the Front Line Leadership Video Library and eight Front Line Leadership pre-recorded Webinars.
  • Pre-training survey online to clarify needs.
  • Delivery of the training sessions.
  • Travel expenses for the facilitator.
  • Front Line Leadership training kit for each participant.

Inquire for detailed pricing in North America- available upon request.

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